About the company

Diversified enterprise “YAROVITAVTO” is present on belarussian market for about 20 years. In November 2017 “YAROVITAVTO” and “TATRA TRUCKS a.s.” awarded a dealership contract. Under the contact “YAROVITAVTO” became official TATRA dealer. Widely known in Europe for more than 120 years machinery manufacturer TATRA is the front runner of trucks with off-road capability in their class. Original machinery suspension is known for its operation reliability in extreme climate and road conditions for several decades. All-wheel drive multi-axis chassis with independent suspension and according to the customer`s demand chassis type assures consistent, efficient and economical operation of trucks. Enterprise “YAROVITAVTO” offers full range of TATRA vehicles and spare parts for purchases. Provides warranty service, maintenance and repair of TATRA vehicles. Skilled technicians, who completed the manufacturer training, can provide counseling about all questions related to vehicle operation and service. Updated modern vehicle range will fill up TATRA car park in national economy patterns.



Unitary Enterprise "YAROVITAVTO"
Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Postal Number 220004
Str. K.Zetkin, 51-309

+375 (17) 306 07 53
+375 (17) 306 07 49